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Understanding Coronavirus and Covid-19, An Introduction to Its Virology, Immunology and Epidemiology

A Recorded Webinar Series for Fire and EMS Personnel

What you will learn in a Covid-19 context:

  • Introduction to and demystifying of key concepts in epidemiology, immunology and virology.
  • What is a virus, and what makes a coronavirus special?
  • What's our best understanding of where this virus came from? 
  • How much is it "evolving"? 
  • What are the implications of changes that could develop in the virus?
  • How does testing for the virus work, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of tests?
  • What do we know about how the virus spreads and doesn't spread? How is this different from other diseases?*
  • What do we know about the pathophysiology of the virus?* 
  • What do we know now about current best treatments?*
  • What new treatments and vaccines are on the horizon, and how may they work?  
  • What are the implications for the US and the world in the next year or two?

*Has the potential to go out of date quickly so we’ll cover the latest.

Originally recorded at:

First Hour: Monday, July 6 @ 1000 Pacific Time

Second Hour: Wednesday, July 8 @ 1000 Pacific Time

Third Hour: Monday, July 13 @ 1000 Pacific Time

Fourth Hour: Wednesday, July 15 @ 1000 Pacific Time