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Complex analysis and customized software development

Firestats, LLC., has the capacity to perform complex analysis and customized software development. Two examples of this are: 1. We developed a very complex statistical model to predict retirements by age, rank, and years of service in a fire department, predicting not only when each employee would retire, but which employee would likely take their place and, therefore, what trainings and preparation those employees would require. Our statistical model ran for all personnel, from firefighter to fire chief, and was used by the fire department to educate other department heads within the city, the city manager, and elected officials on the need for coordinated long-term planning for fire department employee succession. 2. Working with a metro fire department that is a ALS transporting agency, we developed a complex statistical model to predict ambulance response times given both a flexible staffing and dynamic deployment model. The model yielded correlation coefficients of response time, staffing and call volume that allowed us to make a compelling case to adjust ambulance performance expectations based on a cost-benefit analysis of increased staffing. FireStats, LLC., does not promote its work for fire departments or share publicly our work product. However, references from our clients can be obtained directly from them upon request.